Beard Balm
Beard Balm
Beard Balm
Beard Balm
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Beard Balm

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Our Beard balm helps to easily grow and tame a soft kissable beard of any length, restores moisture to dry flaky skin underneath, relieves pain from cuts or ingrown hairs and gives the facial hair a nice shine with minimal effort to complete any look. The very subtle patchouli spice scent is soft enough to go along with whatever cologne you love to wear. 

Although BEAU BEARD BALM is not as tasty as our FACE & BODY SCRUBS, we are delighted to share our Organic, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Polyethylene Glycol-Free, Mineral Oil-Free and Chlorine-Free product made with Beard Health in mind!

We recommend exfoliating with our No. 4 Lavender & Honey Face & Body Scrub twice a week for clear skin and optimal hair follicle release, especially if you suffer from ingrown hairs.


Instructions for use: 

-Daily melt a small amount in hands then rub through facial hair.

- 4 oz

-Made in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

-Ingredients: nigerian shea butter, locally sourced beeswax, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, patchouli essential oil